Hey guys! I’m back with a nice little summer makeup for y’all

Summer is great! However, it’s not so great when your makeup is half melting off in the sun! Here I decided to write a blog post on my ‘sweat proof’ makeup that I have pretty much been rocking everyday throughout summer, especially when I was on holiday in Barcelona (over 30*C).

This is a super simple makeup look, everything is the same, except I have been trying out new products. With different seasons, your skin type can change. As for me, it tends to get a little oiler during the summer so I have been using different products that match my skin type to see how much it affects the wear of my makeup. This look pretty much lasts all day for me, without having to reapply anything throughout the day.


FUN FACT: I have actually also worn this look to the GYM (however, I don’t do hardcore sessions; but I still did sweat! haha!!) You can also see me wearing this look on my INSTAGRAM , so check that out and also it’s an easy way to keep up to date with me! Thank you for tuning into this weeks blog post! I hope you guys enjoyed seeing this mini guide of what makeup products I use during the summer time!  

Let me know if you guys would like more makeup/ beauty hauls & tutorials, I think it would be fun to film a step by step guide of my makeup routine! 🙂
Have A Great Week! XoXo

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