Hey Guys! It seems like forever ago since I last posted an Outfit Post. But don’t you worry, I’m getting back on track!
I have been obsessing over turtle necks for a while now; I used to think they were for “Oldies” like things your mum would wear or force you to wear when you was a kid, but when did they become so fashionable?! (I currently own several different turtle necks…and I am not ashamed at all!)
This turtle neck is slightly different; the back detailing is a shirt, so it incorporates a look of a knit and shirt combined together, which gives this outfit a totally different look from the back.
A Fedora and knee high boots has also been on my radar recently; these chilly days has made me dig up all sorts of things from my closet, but how can anyone go wrong with a simple knee high and knit? I seriously didn’t mean to colour coordinate my outfit; I thought going for a all black outfit was a little excessive for this look especially with the hat, so I opted for my favourite pair of blue skinny jeans (then I realised I was all blue and black).



I hoped you guys enjoyed this new outfit post for a nice chilly Autumn day! I used to have a hard time styling my Fedora hat however, I’m slowly getting used to wearing it and because it’s getting colder, it’s a nice little touch to add to my looks; this has definitely become an favourite of mine for Autumn!
What’s your Autumn Must Have?
Until next time Lovelies


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