You can’t go wrong with this look. Simple, classic and suitable for any occasion. My absolute favourite pieces are black and white, so it was quite hard not be so monochrome.

front2.jpgfront1.jpgfront3.jpgshoes.jpgkimchi.jpgkimchi2.jpgA simple Blazer is a must have in every girls wardrobe, the structure of this look creates sophistication however I chose this one with leather sleeves to give it more edge and a less office vibe. I pretty much live in jeans, so being able to dress them up is a bonus for me, I decided to use a nude bag to break up the black and white (this is from Louis Vuitton) and adding some jewellery to complete the look; gold two chained necklace just to give the neckline a little more detail.
 Also, thanks for stopping by and checking out this new post! I hope you guys enjoyed this look and see you guys soon! Here is my super fluffy dog Kimchee! Whenever I want a photo of him he always looks away from the camera, it’s like he does it on purpose, so here are the failed attempts of me trying to get my mischievous dog to sit or even look at the camera.

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