Hey Guys! I’m back from my short trip to Barcelona, it was a last minute surprise so I wasn’t able to update my blog in the past week! But I am really excited to share this trip with you!

So I decided to dedicate this blog post on the W HOTEL because it was simply amazing! It had great atmosphere, staff and facilities (within the hotel, there were 2 pools, 3 bars, a rooftop club, 3 restaurants and spa), the beach was only 2 minutes away too (as you can see from the photos).
Even though the hotel is a bit further out than the other hotels; as they are mainly based in the City, it was still very simple and easy to get into the heart of Barcelona. Walking along the beach, I noticed that there weren’t any other ‘resort’ type hotels near the beach, so I personally felt that the location was great for this trip!

I pretty much spent most of my time near the pool, where it had a great view overlooking the beach and sea; a great way to spend a few days to chill and relax! They also hosted a extravagant Pool Party on one of the nights too; with such a different vibe and the water deck looked super pretty in the evening as well.

Maybe the best reaction I’ve ever had whilst walking into a hotel room! Super cosy but spacious; we also had a living area too. I think the best part for me was the bathroom, it was so huge with two sinks, a shower and bathtub! And I can’t forget about the bed! It has to be the best and most comfiest bed I’ve ever slept on, nice and snug for a great night’s sleep (pretty much passed out every time as soon as I laid down on it!).

Β I have thousands more photos from the hotel, but I didn’t want to make it too long, however you can see more photos of my holidayΒ HEREΒ on my Instagram and also a great way to keep up to date with me!
I hope you guys have enjoyed this travel post on where I stayed, I will be uploading another with the different activities and things I did whilst I was in Barcelona, so stay tuned! Also, let me know where your favourite holiday destinations are! I will love to know, maybe it will be my next place to visit!

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