After the jet lag and trying to get my life back to normal, I have finally uploaded my photos and posted a new blog post! My most recent travels consisted of a detour to Thailand whilst on holiday to Hong Kong.
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A short and sweet getaway, Koh Samui is a small island off Thailand where I have never felt the sea to be so warm that I couldn’t cool off from the sun! It was a great experience, I realised what a ‘tut tut’ taxi was because they would ‘tut’ their horns every so often while driving around picking up customers.

In the daytime we would relax by the resort and beach, by late afternoon/evening we decided to go explore the island and enjoy the food out there. ┬áThis was the first time ever that I have tasted such authentic Thai food and it was super cheap too! Can’t wait to go back and explore the different Islands in and around Thailand in the near future.
After a couple of days and getting to know our way round the place, we decided to hire a moped. I have been wanting to ride a moped since I was a child so, this was my time! BUT I was not allowed to ride it because they were all scared I would crash. (but to be fair I am quite clumsy at times!!) Although I was allowed a little ride on our last night back at the hotel, which was actually one of the highlights of the holiday, except the hotel concierge guy kept laughing at me.
I took endless photos, but I couldn’t post them all or we would be here forever!
Hope you guys liked this post. Stay tuned for more Travel, Style and Beauty!


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